About our Legal Practice- Wills, Trusts & Estates in South Carolina


We concluded years ago that “jack of all trades, master of none” would never suffice for the standard of professionalism and expertise we would strive to provide to our clients. We therefore focus our time, talent and resources to address the issues which all clients will face as their parents and grandparents age, and the issues which they will face as they grow older.  


In addition, we can guide our younger clients through the process of identifying a guardian or guardians for minor children, and establishing a financial mechanism to provide for their care and support upon the loss of both parents.  Absent this type of planning, a Court will inevitably be called upon to decide who will have custody of your children, and who will control their assets.  Clearly, these decisions are best made by the parents.


Through our estate planning services, we build walls to protect and preserve our clients' assets for their future needs.  We get to know our clients, their needs, and their family dynamics, and create a plan to preserve their independence and self-sufficiency.  If assistance does becomes necessary, however, mechanisms will already be in place to allow appropriate family members, friends or professionals to step in and manage the client's assets, pay the bills, and otherwise maintain the client's standard of living, comfort and dignity as mandated in the various planning documents.  At the same time, our recommended planning minimizes the impact of taxes, fees and costs when your assets are ultimately transferred to the next generation.


For our younger clients, our planning services will also build walls to protect and preserve our clients' assets for the support and educational needs of their minor children in case they are not alive to personally see to their children's needs.  Mechanisms can be put in place to insure that our clients' surrogates will make parenting decisions in the same manner as would our clients if there to do so.


Through our estate and trust administration services, we insure that our clients' desires are realized in an orderly manner.  Assets will be distributed, to whom and when, the client desires, while at the same time, taxes and administrative costs are minimized.  Surviving spouses are guided through the process with compassion, understanding, and respect.  If accounting services, nursing care, investment guidance or other services ourside our scope of expertise are needed, we will assist your survivors in finding the best possible providers to fit their needs.



In short, our staff is committed not only to providing our clients with the best legal representation we possibly can, but also to addressing whatever other needs arise which may threaten our clients' well-being or peace of mind.