Non-resident Decedent Filings

On this page, you will learn how to obtain a no obligation fee quote for us to assist you with the administration of the estate or trust of a non-South Carolina resident who owned South Carolina real estate at death.  In most cases, within two (2) business days of obtaining the complete information requested of you, we will send you a formal engagement letter outlining the steps which need to be taken, listing the actions we propose to take on your behalf, and disclosing the fee.


If the proposed representation is acceptable to you, you will be asked to simply return the additional forms and information requested, together with a check in the requested amount payable to our Trust Account, and we will immediately commence work on your behalf.  In many cases and with your prompt cooperation, the necessary documentation can be prepared, signed and filed in thirty days or less. If the terms of the proposed representation are not acceptable for any reason, you will have no further obligation, and owe us nothing.  Although we would ask that you e-mail us your decision not to proceed so we may close our file.

Obtaining a No Obligation Fee Quote for Legal Representation to Administer the Estate or Trust of a Non-resident Owner of South Carolina Real Estate:

E-mail to


1. The name and address of the Executor, Personal Personal Representative or Trustee.


2. The name and last known address of the deceased.


3. The address of the South Carolina real estate.



Scan and attach to your e-mail:


1. Deed to South Carolina real estate, if available. If not, we can obtain for free in many cases, or at nominal cost to you.


2. Death Certificate


3. Complete Will or Trust (if applicable)

If you are an attorney or other legal professional:


Please provide your contact information, including telephone number, as well as your file number.  Please indicate your preference as to whether we correspond directly with your client, or with you. In most cases, the documents we prepare will require witnesses and a notary, so it may be convenient for your client  if you receive the documents on your client's behalf.  

Fees- What to Expect in Most Cases:

This link will take you to a discussion of the most common circumstances faced in connection with Estates and Trusts of non-South Carolina residents.  It also discloses "typical" fees for our firm to assist you in transferring title to the appropriate beneficiaries.  


Please understand that the fees quoted are estimates and only include costs we can estimate at this time.  Property owner's association fees, regime transfer fees and other third party charges may exist depending upon the location of the property, and all such third party fees will be passed through to the client. In addition, failure to promptly provide requested information or documents, difficulty in locating or identifying heirs, pending foreclosures or other collection efforts in progress with respect to the property and a myriad of other factors occasionally arise which affect the attorney time necessary to complete the process.  As soon as such a problem becomes evident, you will be so advised and provided with an estimate of any potential change in cost before additional work beyond the scope of the original representation is commenced.  

Important Disclosures:

Nothing herein contained is intended to offer legal representation in any manner not governed by South Carolina law, nor administered by the South Carolina Court system.


Bratt & Bratt, LC reserves the right to change the fees and costs quoted herein at any time; however, fees and costs quoted in the initial client engagement letter may not be changed other than as disclosed therein.


Attorney William F. Bratt is responsible for the content of this website, which is intended to provide general information and not formal legal advice.  No attorney/client relationship is intended to be created hereby.